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What We Offer Our Clients

As a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic, we offer holistic services to our clients. Holistic treatment approaches focus on treating the whole person, not just the addiction, and can lead to more successful outcomes in recovery. To ensure that we are offering our clients appropriate services, we personalize our approach to treatment. We always begin with an assessment that allows us to understand our clients' condition, symptoms, and other life areas that may contribute to or are affected by their condition. We offer the following services:

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Physical Exam

We conduct physical examinations because they are essential in helping us determine the possible effects of addiction on our clients' physical health.

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Substance Abuse Counseling

During sessions, clients can freely talk about their problems, and our professionals offer helpful techniques that strengthen their commitment to treatment.

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Medication for Depression

Should we determine that a client can benefit from depression medication, we can refer them to a respected psychiatrist who can prescribe it for them.

More About What We Do

Substance abuse treatment is more than just therapy. It is our way of helping make a difference in other people's lives and a commitment to our clients. We conduct random drug testing every week to check their progress in their sobriety journey. We also help them permanently curb their cravings through behavioral practices that enable them to change negative habits and help them learn positive ones that promote long-term sobriety.